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Turbine Blades Officine Meccaniche Zema specializes in blade manufacturing, from bars and forged material for compressors, steam and gas turbines, and items for energy as diaphragms, nozzle rings, etc. Our machines tools can manufacture blades with maximum length up to 1600 mm (i.e. blades for hydro turbines). When necessary we can study and arrange special equipments,  tools for clamping, checking and machining. The company is skilled on reverse engineering for customer service. In our assets we have 27 NC finishing machines all equipped with 6 contemporary axes and 16 NC machines equipped with 4 axes. 4 CMM machines are fully dedicated to check the blades. Manufacturing and testing programs are fully developed internally.
  Typical manufacturing In Villadosia factory we carry out general machining. With the above mentioned we can produce open impeller with solid blade, turbine rotors and statoric parts for steam turbines; very accurate items as spare parts for CNC tooling machines. All the programs for manufacturing and testing are made inside the factory. On the basis of the specifications prescribed by the customer, when required, the relative certification for the supplied products are issued.
precision mechanic machinings
 Officine Meccaniche Zema Head office Via Gramsci, 100/A 21020 Villadosia di Casale Litta (VA) Local unit Via Stazione, 41 21020 Mornago (VA) P.I. 02272170123 Mail: Pec:
Tel. +39 0332/945381 Fax. +39 0332/945648
Officine Meccaniche Zema, With the acquisition of the company Gminox srl, it is able to carry out work of medium-large parts, such as centrifugally cast pipes, castings, forgings and similar products for the Oil & Gas market. For more details visit our website
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